Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Out of Makeup!

Yay, I am out of makeup! The 90 man KO's are going brilliant lately, and I feel really +EV in them. By putting in a lot of volume it means I am really playing the bubbles well and playing with aggression due to the fact that I am not scared/nervous about not making the FT.

I play a few tournaments in the evening alongside the 90 mans, and one that I normally try out is the $1r. It's quite a fun tournament that I have min cashed a few times. Anyway last night I came 4th for $811, sweet. I definately made mistakes on the bubble and I think it's because I have been getting unlucky on FT bubbles in the big mtts lately, and there may have been a few nerves. If I played the bubble like I do in the 90 mans, maybe I could have gone onto the FT larger stacked! But I will check over the hand histories lately and make sure I spot the leaks.

So yeh, I'm out of makeup! Sweet. I am going to earn a lot this Summer :)

GL All!