Monday, 19 April 2010

Downswing Confirmed.

Its fair to say things could be going no worse. I play every day, and lose every day. I really don't understand what more I could be doing. I analyse hands, I watch videos, I read 2+2, and most importantly I put in volume. Unfortunately the results have been diabolical. It stuns me some of the beats I am taking on final table bubbles. Anyway, I got to keep grinding through it, however hard it is.

My parents gave me a bit of grief about how much time I spend playing, and how unsuccessful I am this Easter break, and I find it hard to respond to. They don't understand variance. They just think a winning player has the ability to cash in every tournament they play in. No.

I am starting to get pretty deep in make-up, which is never fun. But I have crawled out of it numerous times before and I will definately do it again. The question is when?

Revision will start soon (I hope), meaning that volume will decrease. That blows. Will keep grinding though and the results HAVE to come in.

C ya

(still grinding a $5.50r btw. 205/505. maybe in 4 hours I can completely edit this blog post)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volume Volume Volume

So I have been going a bit mad with poker atm. I am playing a load like I said I would as I really want to make the most of the time available. Unfortunately, the results continue to be negative ones. I have had a couple of scores around the $300-$400 mark but the volume I am putting in means this is not enough to result in profit.

Every day I watch training videos and go through my hand histories. I really want to improve and I feel that I am. But the results never seem to reflect my effort levels.

Being quite a mathematical person, I enjoy statistics and I understand probabilities and variance quite well. I am fully aware of the fact that you need a large sample size before you get your true ROI%, and even then it still wont be 100% accurate. I am also aware of all the downswings that occur for all the top grinders. Unfortunately this doesn't quite make things feel better for me at the moment.

Tonight I hit the final table of the €27.50 and came in 8/10. I won a bunch without showdown and got to 5/7, but then I got QQ in against A9s and the A binked the flop. €175.

I hope situations like this turn around, and I expect them to this Easter. I still have a lot of volume planned and I know there are more final tables to come. I will continue to work on my game (got a bunch of hand histories to look over tomorrow), and you should expect a happy winning post from me soon :)

Bye all!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter Holidays

Hey guys, been a long time since I checked in. Seems a long time ago now, but the session at Ben's went pretty terribly in terms of results with it being my biggest ever losing night, oops. However, I learnt a bunch of stuff there, so it was really beneficial. TY Ben.

Following that session I had a really tough fortnight fighting to complete my group project at uni so no poker was played as the project really had to consume my life for this period. Fortunately though, I jumped on a plane about 36 hours after the deadline to Gran Canaria with various family members and just chilled for a week, which was really sweet.

Landed back in Manchester last night and chilled out today, before booting up the first session of what I intend on being a poker-filled Easter. I have three weeks before going back to uni and while I need to spend some time revising, I am going to have a load of time to put some volume in and I want to make the absolute most of it. I really want to ship a tournament as well, it's starting to annoy me how I havent previously.

Anyway, onto tonights session. It started quite poorly but I found myself deep in two tournaments. The €22 deepstack on dtd, and the $11 on bwin. Fortunately I hit both final tables, but the luck was to end there as I proceeded to lose all the significant all ins and bust 6th and 9th respectively. That made for a break-even night, lovely :/

I will admit that I am becoming really frustrated at my lack of run good on final tables atm, and I just hope so much that it will turn around this Easter. I have a bunch of hands to go through from tonight anyway, so hopefully I can start plugging some leaks.

Goals before going back to uni:

- Win a tournament.
- Profit £1000.
- Play whenever I can.
- Keep on top of revision.

Not hitting profit for this holiday really isn't an option for me right now, I feel like I am really +EV in these fields and I work hard at my game, so it is time for some big results to come my way.

Congrats to breesy1 who made it two stars final tables in two nights and continues a nice run. And congrats to ben who hit the UKIPT FT.