Saturday, 26 June 2010


So I have been putting in some extreme volume lately. I play a load of the 90 man turbos everyday and mix in a few mtts if the 90 mans arent loading quickly.

Initially I turned my initial $600 deposit on full tilt up to $900 but then downswinged very hard and very quick and found myself with just $50 left in a flash. This put me over £1100 in makeup and I was really down about poker.

Over Skype, me and Ben had a long discussion going over my hand histories and it was really beneficial and we ironed out some leaks. Following this I went on a bit of an extreme heater, winning a bunch of the 90 mans and that $50 is now nearly $1200 and I am only £350 away from getting out of makeup!

The story of today though, is that I entered a $24 Knock-Out tournament and after running pretty good to start with I was freerolling off the bounties I had won. I ended up final tabling the 1200 field and felt good about my chances at taking the $5000. But alas, I made a squeeze with ATo and busted 9th for $360. Sigh.

Anyway, I am loving poker atm and am happily grinding every day. I can't wait to get out of makeup and start earning $$$$!!

GL all!


Monday, 14 June 2010

Exams/Construction/Final Tables/Full Tilt

Wow, I just checked when I last updated this and it was two months ago, oops.

Back then I was sitting pretty deep in make-up as I was heading into exams, and things were looking pretty grim. Right now things are a lot better and I will be out of make-up in no time (hopefully).

My exams? They went averagely. I worked less than I normally do and I found myself coming out of exams knowing that they would bring my average down, which is something I obviously wanted to avoid in my penultimate year.

Once they finished I had a crazy few nights going out, one in particular was absolutely mental, so that was a fun blow out. Then I got back into the euro mtt grinding and that started promisingly when I got a final table in my first session, but typically, I lost a race and came 7th. Fine. I hit two more final tables that week and got two 8ths. When will I win a tournament huh? I guess it's time to face facts and admit I might be a terrible final table player.

A few days before he headed to Vegas, I had a chat with Ben about the summer and he decided to get me started on full tilt where I could grind the 90 man knockouts on there. I only had a day to play there before I went on a construction course but it was a great day where I crushed for a nice little profit that got me started on my quest to get out of make-up. It will hopefully get me a lot better at final table play as well.

The construction course was 6 days long and was the most intense week of my life. I was waking up at 6am every day and working on site until 6pm. We then ate till 7pm and we were expected to get showered and be ready for time in the offices at 8pm where we would have reporting sessions until 10.30pm. Diaries then had to be written before we got to sleep at about midnight. Fortunately I actually loved the work. I was part of a group of 15 that started with nothing but drawings on Sunday, but ended on Friday with a picture of us all fistpumping as we stood on this cable-stayed bridge we had constructed. Sick. Maybe I do like my course after all?

I then hit Dusk till Dawn the day after for a £25 deepstack that was paused for the England game. It was a great atmosphere all day and I was in there for 15 hours before leaving with exactly what I started with in my wallet, not bad I suppose! A couple of my mates final tabled a side event so they were super pumped. Congrats.

Soon after that I was right back onto full tilt, and I plan to be grinding that pretty heavily now all Summer. I reckon with good volume I will get myself quickly out of makeup and then I can start rolling in the $$$. Here is to a good summer!

C ya

(Oh and WTF England?!)