Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A good night!

Hey guys, since that last post about the big Sunday session I have had little time to play. Unfortunately I lost quite a bit on that evening so I have been desperate to try and recoup those losses, but last week was my first week back at uni and I ended up going out quite a bit, and when I wasn't going out, I was preparing for an important interview for a graduate job next year.

Anyway, I managed to play a big session tonight as it was the end of the month and I was determined to get some profit. I started the night about $200 in makeup but ended up about $300 OUT of makeup as I had a really sick night on the 90s. I regged for loads and loads and ended up with

2 $6 1st places
1 $3 1st place
1 $12 3rd place
1 $6 2nd place
1 $6 7th place

So I ended up winning about $500 on the night taking me nicely out of makeup. Ben then came online and we sorted out the accounts and I got my profit for the month, which is always nice.

We have now reset the account, with me starting up again with $400. This month I will be trying out SNGWiz and also the $26 90mans, which should be fun! Hopefully I get a good run together when I play those and can rake in a lot of $$$.

We shall see!



Sunday, 19 September 2010

Big Sunday!

Hey guys!

Since my last post, Ben and I decided to split the current profits I had, and then restart from $200 again on full tilt. After running pretty well at the 90mans, I got that back up to about $330, while busting a few of the miniftops I had played.

Today was the big day though, as there were 3 ftops events, (including the main event), and the opening GSOP on bwin.

I will breakdown how I did in each

- $24 6max KO

Got off to a good start in this but then lost AK to AA aipf to cripple me, before losing 88 to KJ to bust.

- $22 Deepstack

Did terribly in this. Got nothing going.

- $22 Rush Rebuy!!

I loved this tournament. It was so fun. Unfortunately I was in for $100 at the end of the rebuy period, but I had a good stack of around 15000. I soon worked this up to about 35k after making a hero call :). I was happy to make a hero call and stick with my gut as sometimes I can get intimidated in these big fields.
Anyway, I soon lost with 78 on a AA77 board to AQ and then ran 55 into QQ just short of the money.

- $75 main event

aggro spewtard decides to 3bet and 5bet me with AK preflop. I get it in with QQ. gg me.

I really enjoyed tonight though. I learnt a load and loved the challenge. Its just a shame I couldn't take that $20r run a bit further.

Ah well.

Back in Notts now, and this week there are more GSOP events for me to play. I guess they will be pretty soft, so lets hope a FT comes my way.

C ya.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Putting distance between myself and makeup?

Hey guys,

My last post highlighted how I was just out of makeup. Since then I have put in a few nights of volume and I have won about £150. I feel like it could have been more as I have got two 3rds in the $12 90s but meh, I won't moan.

Things are going well. I am back watching loads of pokersavvy videos, and I seem to learn a lot from these.

In two days I go to Prague for a few days, which should be sick. I will have one more session tomorrow evening, but then it will be no poker till after Prague, but I will have something to look forward to as it is miniFTOPS time! I will be playing a few events ranging from $20-$75 buyins, and I really hope I can put together a deep run and maybe bink one?

Following the miniftops is the GSOP on ongame, which I should be playing as well, and I've got a feeling I will be majorly +EV in that, so it would be stupid not to play.

Seeing as I am feeling confident about my game at the moment, I have decided to set myself a nice realistic aim for before I get back to uni.


- Win the miniFTOPS main event for six figures.

I will be disappointed if I fail in this aim.

Gl at the tables all!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

First Post in Ages!

Hey guys, it's been ages!

My last post was back in July saying how I had got out of makeup. Unfortunately following that I went on like a £500 downswing and was about £450 in makeup or something, which made me fairly pissed as I had just gotten out. There was also no time to get out of it as I had to work at the Shrewsbury Flower Show for four and a bit weeks. This is a really intense job, where I wake at 6am and get home at 8pm, have some food, shower, and go to bed. AND ITS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

It's obviously pretty mental, but the money is good and the people I work with are a laugh, so I do enjoy it.

I finished that about a week ago and came back ready to play poker, unfortunately I got off to a bad start getting another £150 or so deep in makeup, putting me around £600 deep. Ah well. After that bad start I had to do a few jobs, and some personal family stuff came up that meant I couldn't play much poker :(

The good news? I did get back on it a few days ago and its gone really well! Won about £750 the last two sessions and am out of makeup again with about 2 and a half weeks of grinding time ahead of me. A few days of that I will be in Prague with a mate (sweet), so that leaves about a fortnight of solid grinding.

Now I am out of makeup I hope I finally get a long run together and rake in some serious ££££. I always have downswings at the wrong times it seems.

I rushed this post a little, so I apoligise, but I will be posting more in the next few days.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Out of Makeup!

Yay, I am out of makeup! The 90 man KO's are going brilliant lately, and I feel really +EV in them. By putting in a lot of volume it means I am really playing the bubbles well and playing with aggression due to the fact that I am not scared/nervous about not making the FT.

I play a few tournaments in the evening alongside the 90 mans, and one that I normally try out is the $1r. It's quite a fun tournament that I have min cashed a few times. Anyway last night I came 4th for $811, sweet. I definately made mistakes on the bubble and I think it's because I have been getting unlucky on FT bubbles in the big mtts lately, and there may have been a few nerves. If I played the bubble like I do in the 90 mans, maybe I could have gone onto the FT larger stacked! But I will check over the hand histories lately and make sure I spot the leaks.

So yeh, I'm out of makeup! Sweet. I am going to earn a lot this Summer :)

GL All!

Saturday, 26 June 2010


So I have been putting in some extreme volume lately. I play a load of the 90 man turbos everyday and mix in a few mtts if the 90 mans arent loading quickly.

Initially I turned my initial $600 deposit on full tilt up to $900 but then downswinged very hard and very quick and found myself with just $50 left in a flash. This put me over £1100 in makeup and I was really down about poker.

Over Skype, me and Ben had a long discussion going over my hand histories and it was really beneficial and we ironed out some leaks. Following this I went on a bit of an extreme heater, winning a bunch of the 90 mans and that $50 is now nearly $1200 and I am only £350 away from getting out of makeup!

The story of today though, is that I entered a $24 Knock-Out tournament and after running pretty good to start with I was freerolling off the bounties I had won. I ended up final tabling the 1200 field and felt good about my chances at taking the $5000. But alas, I made a squeeze with ATo and busted 9th for $360. Sigh.

Anyway, I am loving poker atm and am happily grinding every day. I can't wait to get out of makeup and start earning $$$$!!

GL all!


Monday, 14 June 2010

Exams/Construction/Final Tables/Full Tilt

Wow, I just checked when I last updated this and it was two months ago, oops.

Back then I was sitting pretty deep in make-up as I was heading into exams, and things were looking pretty grim. Right now things are a lot better and I will be out of make-up in no time (hopefully).

My exams? They went averagely. I worked less than I normally do and I found myself coming out of exams knowing that they would bring my average down, which is something I obviously wanted to avoid in my penultimate year.

Once they finished I had a crazy few nights going out, one in particular was absolutely mental, so that was a fun blow out. Then I got back into the euro mtt grinding and that started promisingly when I got a final table in my first session, but typically, I lost a race and came 7th. Fine. I hit two more final tables that week and got two 8ths. When will I win a tournament huh? I guess it's time to face facts and admit I might be a terrible final table player.

A few days before he headed to Vegas, I had a chat with Ben about the summer and he decided to get me started on full tilt where I could grind the 90 man knockouts on there. I only had a day to play there before I went on a construction course but it was a great day where I crushed for a nice little profit that got me started on my quest to get out of make-up. It will hopefully get me a lot better at final table play as well.

The construction course was 6 days long and was the most intense week of my life. I was waking up at 6am every day and working on site until 6pm. We then ate till 7pm and we were expected to get showered and be ready for time in the offices at 8pm where we would have reporting sessions until 10.30pm. Diaries then had to be written before we got to sleep at about midnight. Fortunately I actually loved the work. I was part of a group of 15 that started with nothing but drawings on Sunday, but ended on Friday with a picture of us all fistpumping as we stood on this cable-stayed bridge we had constructed. Sick. Maybe I do like my course after all?

I then hit Dusk till Dawn the day after for a £25 deepstack that was paused for the England game. It was a great atmosphere all day and I was in there for 15 hours before leaving with exactly what I started with in my wallet, not bad I suppose! A couple of my mates final tabled a side event so they were super pumped. Congrats.

Soon after that I was right back onto full tilt, and I plan to be grinding that pretty heavily now all Summer. I reckon with good volume I will get myself quickly out of makeup and then I can start rolling in the $$$. Here is to a good summer!

C ya

(Oh and WTF England?!)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Downswing Confirmed.

Its fair to say things could be going no worse. I play every day, and lose every day. I really don't understand what more I could be doing. I analyse hands, I watch videos, I read 2+2, and most importantly I put in volume. Unfortunately the results have been diabolical. It stuns me some of the beats I am taking on final table bubbles. Anyway, I got to keep grinding through it, however hard it is.

My parents gave me a bit of grief about how much time I spend playing, and how unsuccessful I am this Easter break, and I find it hard to respond to. They don't understand variance. They just think a winning player has the ability to cash in every tournament they play in. No.

I am starting to get pretty deep in make-up, which is never fun. But I have crawled out of it numerous times before and I will definately do it again. The question is when?

Revision will start soon (I hope), meaning that volume will decrease. That blows. Will keep grinding though and the results HAVE to come in.

C ya

(still grinding a $5.50r btw. 205/505. maybe in 4 hours I can completely edit this blog post)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volume Volume Volume

So I have been going a bit mad with poker atm. I am playing a load like I said I would as I really want to make the most of the time available. Unfortunately, the results continue to be negative ones. I have had a couple of scores around the $300-$400 mark but the volume I am putting in means this is not enough to result in profit.

Every day I watch training videos and go through my hand histories. I really want to improve and I feel that I am. But the results never seem to reflect my effort levels.

Being quite a mathematical person, I enjoy statistics and I understand probabilities and variance quite well. I am fully aware of the fact that you need a large sample size before you get your true ROI%, and even then it still wont be 100% accurate. I am also aware of all the downswings that occur for all the top grinders. Unfortunately this doesn't quite make things feel better for me at the moment.

Tonight I hit the final table of the €27.50 and came in 8/10. I won a bunch without showdown and got to 5/7, but then I got QQ in against A9s and the A binked the flop. €175.

I hope situations like this turn around, and I expect them to this Easter. I still have a lot of volume planned and I know there are more final tables to come. I will continue to work on my game (got a bunch of hand histories to look over tomorrow), and you should expect a happy winning post from me soon :)

Bye all!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter Holidays

Hey guys, been a long time since I checked in. Seems a long time ago now, but the session at Ben's went pretty terribly in terms of results with it being my biggest ever losing night, oops. However, I learnt a bunch of stuff there, so it was really beneficial. TY Ben.

Following that session I had a really tough fortnight fighting to complete my group project at uni so no poker was played as the project really had to consume my life for this period. Fortunately though, I jumped on a plane about 36 hours after the deadline to Gran Canaria with various family members and just chilled for a week, which was really sweet.

Landed back in Manchester last night and chilled out today, before booting up the first session of what I intend on being a poker-filled Easter. I have three weeks before going back to uni and while I need to spend some time revising, I am going to have a load of time to put some volume in and I want to make the absolute most of it. I really want to ship a tournament as well, it's starting to annoy me how I havent previously.

Anyway, onto tonights session. It started quite poorly but I found myself deep in two tournaments. The €22 deepstack on dtd, and the $11 on bwin. Fortunately I hit both final tables, but the luck was to end there as I proceeded to lose all the significant all ins and bust 6th and 9th respectively. That made for a break-even night, lovely :/

I will admit that I am becoming really frustrated at my lack of run good on final tables atm, and I just hope so much that it will turn around this Easter. I have a bunch of hands to go through from tonight anyway, so hopefully I can start plugging some leaks.

Goals before going back to uni:

- Win a tournament.
- Profit £1000.
- Play whenever I can.
- Keep on top of revision.

Not hitting profit for this holiday really isn't an option for me right now, I feel like I am really +EV in these fields and I work hard at my game, so it is time for some big results to come my way.

Congrats to breesy1 who made it two stars final tables in two nights and continues a nice run. And congrats to ben who hit the UKIPT FT.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Another 2nd?!

Hey all! Put in two sessions and a home game since the last update. The home games I am playing are starting to get a bit better in quality now and they are making for really good games and a lot of good banter, unfortunately though I couldn't make it three wins in a row this week :(

I played a session last night that resulted in a £15 win, woo. I final table bubbled the €10r for about €90 as well as some other smaller cashes. It really sucked to final table bubble in 11th though, as with 15 left I was the big chip leader. I have never had a meltdown as big as that before, but apart from one missed bet, I don't think I played it too badly.

Tonight I put in a smaller session but it still came out to be profitable. I entered the $22 double deep on bwin but it only got 61 runners which surprised me. That meant for a smaller prizepool than I hoped, offering only $450 for first. I ran pretty hot in it, and went into heads up with a 2-1 chip lead. I was really hoping I could break my run of coming 2nd everytime I got heads up, but unfortunately I flopped top pair with KQ on a QhJc5h board and ended up getting it all in vs my aggro opponent, who had 55, meh. Another 2nd for me, making it 0/6 in my heads up confrontations. This is highly frustrating and I really hope to turn it around soon.

I also got one other smaller cash on the night meaning overall I won £160. This means a £175 win for the two days of grinding, which is quite nice, but I felt it could have been a lot more. Tomorrow is Sunday, but I won't be playing as I have a lot of coursework to get done. However, on Monday I will be going to grind at Bens flat which should be both enjoyable and helpful, oh, and profitable ;)


Sunday, 14 March 2010


Hey guys, been a week since my last post and not much has happened since! I played a half-session mid week that didn't go well and then on Saturday I played my first super50 which is a deepstack £50 at dtd. After 90 minutes of folding I finally picked up KK but unfortunately I ran into AA. Doh. Tonight I put in a session and I managed a final table on boss in the €22 deepstack but I came 9th when AK couldn't improve vs 88. This left me with a small £25 loss for the night. I have been really breakeven in 2010 and it is frustrating, but I guess I should be happy I aint in makeup!

I signed up to pokersavvy the other day and it has helped dramatically. I try and watch a video a day (they are about 45 mins long on average), and it is great to hear thought processes which had never previously entered my head. Worthwhile investment so far. Infact, it helped me with my session tonight in many spots, and I made a few plays I wouldn't have previously made and they all worked, so it seems like it is doing the trick (results orientated ftw).

On Thursday I might be going to Bens flat to grind and go through hands/accounts etc, but it depends on my coursework situation. Hopefully I manage to get it out the way though as I would quite like to go as it is really helpful and it actually got me my biggest ever score last time!

Off to bed now. Goodnight!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekend Review

Hey guys, I thought It would be better to wrap up the weekends poker in one blog post rather than update every evening, so here we go!

Friday -

On Friday I headed down to DTD for the first time in a while and entered the £25 freezeout. I am pretty sure they have reduced the starting stack from 4k to 3k which is a bit annoying, but I could be wrong. Anyway I folded for about an hour then reshoved KJ into K9 and a 9 flopped. GG. I then late registered for the £10 rebuy into the following days £300 thinking this might be a cheaper, more fun thing to do than play a cash game. I was wrong. I lost all my all ins before the break which meant I became one of those douches shouting for chips every 5 minutes. Anyway after the break I had a good run, tripling with AA vs JJ and TT and then winning a few smaller pots. Unfortunately though, I lost the big flip with AQ vs 99 to seal the deal in 19th. Goodnight.

Saturday -

Booted up a session at around 7.30 on Saturday evening which started with the iCOP6 which was a €22 heads up. I won my first round in a pretty long match, but lost in the second round in a hand I can't actually remember. I got a min cash in a €11 freezeout but the big score came in a $11f on bwin for $812. Unfortunately this was yet another 2nd place finish, so my run of not actually shipping a tournament continues. But still, it was a nice score which I am happy with. (I ran like god from 18 onwards)

Sunday -

Same start as Saturday but this time with iCOP 7 - THE MAIN EVENT. This was the worst tournament I have ever played as the software clearly couldn't cope. I also lost 175 big blinds on the first hand with QQ vs 22 when a 2 flopped. Fortunately I doubled and got back in it, but 88 vs Q8 aipf busted me when a Q flopped. No other tournaments went well either, and I suffered a pretty big loss for the evening. I am hoping to get a refund on bwin though as I was unable to add-on in the $11r due to technical reasons. This left me with 10bb after the break which is below where I would like to be in that tournament. I sent them a snotty email basically saying I play a certain way because of the guarantee of an add-on etc. Hopefully they buy in to it and I get some $ back.

Review -

Fun weekend with three nights of poker. In the end it was about £250 profit online, and -£100 loss live. As I take half of what I win online, then it looks like I just squeezed out a £25 profit! Good times.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Long overdue update!

Hey guys, long time since the last update so I thought I would check in! Since the last post I have been incredibly busy with courseworks and other stuff. I had a bunch of courseworks in for early this week and then had a massively important interview on Wednesday for a sponsorship offer. Unfortunately I underperformed and I was pretty downbeat about that.

Yesterday I had a 'Viva' for my group project. This was a 45 minute one-on-one meeting with my group advisor where he assessed my technical understanding of the project (A kayak course) and how I affect the group dynamics etc. I was pleased with how mine went and apparently he told another group member he was impressed with me. Sweet. It holds a large chunk of my mark this year so this helped erase Wednesdays disapointment.

Last Friday I got v.drunk on a boat for my mates bday, and after we got back onto land, had a good time at Oceana, and had my kebab, I fancied a trip to Alea to see if my good run could continue. I got off to a bad start on roulette but the 50/£1 cash game they had running may be the softest thing I've ever played and I came out a big winner. Good times.

Unfortunately online hasn't been going too well for me. I have played two large sessions since the last update and neither has been profitable. I managed a final table last night but ran QQ into KK for an 8th place finish and a measly €105. A few other small cashes have kept the losses to a minimum but it is still frustrating to be so break-even for 2010. I fully anticipate a heater around the corner though, and I will keep working towards this.

I have decided I am going to spend my roulette winnings on subscribing to a training site as I hear many good things about them and I am sure it would be a worthwhile investment if I found the right site, but I guess thats the hardest part, finding the right one. I will begin research tomorrow.

This weekend I have nothing to do, so I plan a big poker weekend. Tonight I am going to DTD to play the £25, and if I bust early I will play the £10r to the £300 tomorrow, which if I won a seat to I would sell off most of my action. If the night ends pretty quickly then I won't sit down to play a cash game, well not at DTD anyway, as I will jump in a taxi to Alea and play those idiots again.

Tomorrow and Sunday however, are dedicated to online. I find the weekend games a lot softer so I plan to put in a good amount of volume and see if I can bink big.

Hope everyone is running well etc

C ya!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hey guys, just finished another frustrating session. I finished January like £500 up but seem to have gone on a £400 downswing in February which is slightly annoying.

Tonight it is pretty funny how many tournaments I busted with AK. Honestly, 5 or 6 of them were with AK losing to pocket pairs or to AJ. I guess I could shrug this off and say it is just variance biting me, but I am just going to check and go over a few of these AK hands and make sure that I'm not being overly-aggro with the hand.

I did manage a cash for $89 in the $11r on bwin but I actually bought in for my highest amount ($71) as I was getting pretty cold decked in the first hour, so it is a rather meaningless result!

On the brighter side, Ben kindly offered me a stake for the $215 Sunday 4Million tonight and I jumped at the chance. I felt I played pretty solid poker and I was making as many notes as I could on my table-mates. Unfortunately I lost half my stack with AK (lol) and then when I was down to ~12BBs I woke up with KQ in the small blind, only to run into AT in the big blind. GG. I am going to go over the AK hand from this tournament also as I believe I may have made an incorrect play somewhere. Anyway, I loved the tournament, so ty Ben!

So it seems I am on a downswing in poker, but on roulette I am on a severe upswing. I have ended up in the casino a few times the past week for various reasons (nearly always drunk) and have found myself winning time and time again. I am going to put this money towards a holiday, but I have also put $60 towards a 1% share in Ben in his massive Sunday session tonight. Currently it looks like he could go deep in the $55 on stars, among other things. GL!

Went to Manchester last night for a mates birthday and although I am not a massive fan of the city, I did manage to have a pretty fun night. TY Jack!

Currently planning when to have my next session this week. Will post again then! C ya!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Frustrating times..

Played sessions for 3 days on the bounce now and I have gone nowhere but backwards. It is really frustrating me because I am working hard on my game on 2+2 and have been putting in all my concentration in all my sessions. Last night I got coolered deep in a $11 on bwin to come 14th and got another min cash, whereas tonight I booted up a bunch of tournaments and honestly believe I didn't win a hand where it was all in pre flop. Brutal. Didn't cash in any.

I am still in profit for Jan+Feb combined for £216, but I feel the level of volume and effort I am putting in may deserve a bit more. But hey, we all know how poker works, and we all go through these tough times!

I keep wanting to play and work hard at my game because I KNOW that there is a sick heater for me round the corner somewhere and possibly my first 1st place finish? We shall see. Just got to keep working at it.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

21st Birthday.

Hey all, since my last post I have played a number of sessions. Unfortunately they haven't been going too great, with a fair bit of run bad being chucked in there. Infact, ten minutes ago I just busted my last tournament of the night in 51st with AA losing to 56 on a 952 flop when 50 cashed. Oh well, standard?

So that has kind of summed of February for me so far. I did make one final table in the early hours of my birthday but only managed to get a 7th for €150 or something, I can't quite remember. Then it was the day of my 21st (vegas?!) which was a nice day, although the real celebrations were last night as a bunch of my mates from home came up and we had a pretty sick day and night out. Good times.

As is standard for these situations, we found ourselves stumbling into a casino at 3am and I sat down with £20 on the roulette table. After 10 minutes of chucking chips around I find myself walking out with £206. That was the bday run good I was waiting for!

I actually have a really expensive month coming up with many birthdays and nights out planned so this money will be pretty useful..

Poker-wise I feel my game is pretty sharp at the moment, I just havent been able to hit that huge score this month. Still, there is a while yet to go of February and I hope to make the most of it. My next session will be tomorrow (Sunday) night and I can feel a big 4 figure score coming in. One time!

Off to watch a film now. see ya..

Monday, 1 February 2010

January Review

Hey all! Not posted for some time now, my last post highlighted how my exams had finished and how I was planning to get some volume in for January. Unfortunately life went even more mental after exams with me having a lot on my plate with househunting and a flooded room. On Friday the room was finally sorted which made me pretty happy because I now have a desk/bed/carpet etc. And we signed for a contract for our new house on Friday also. That meant I could grind on Saturday and Sunday for a big push to get some volume in for January.

Saturday started off really poorly, I think I made a couple of poor decisions initially and this could be down to the break from the game. I got a $200ish cash towards the end of the night to make it only a £40 loss. Sunday also got off to a bad start, and I found myself one-tabling sooner than I would have liked. Fortunately I was nicely placed in the €22 deepstack and I managed to convert it into a 2nd place and €810.

Still though, I was annoyed. If you don't like reading bad beat stuff then you can just stop the next bit..


I came 2nd once again after a brutal bit of run bad! I now have sooo many final table finishes and not one 1st. I havent won a heads up battle for so long and maybe this will explain it..

Heads up:
Hero (BB) - 450,000
Villain - 600,000

Villain raises. Hero 3bets AQs. Villain Shoves. Hero Calls.

Villain shows AJ. Board Jxxxx. GG.

Also earlier on, with 6 left, I raise AA, get shoved over, I call, he shows 66, board = xxxx6. Fun times. Luckily the structure was good so I could get back in it by winning loads without showdown.

It is really pissing me off that I can't actually win a tournament. If I converted just a couple of my 4ths/3rds/2nds into 1sts then I would be £1000s richer. fml.


Anyway, January was a terrible month for volume but not a bad month for results:

Tournaments Played - 23
Profit - £504.24

Total Results:
Total Profit - £1803.73
ROI - 40.44%

I won't be seeing that profit for now as me and Ben have decided to merge January and February together as a 'single month' as January had such little volume.

I am hoping to put a fair bit of volume in for February so wish me luck!

Congrats to Breesy who got his biggest ever cash last night for about £1100. He is crushing atm and he fully deserves it. I reckon you should check out his blog which you can find on the right -->

Bye all!!

Friday, 22 January 2010


Hey all! Been a long time since I posted so thought I would keep you all up to speed with whats been going on. Unfortunately, I haven't played a single hand of poker since my last post because of the hell that is exams. I once again had four exams to contend with so this meant a fair bit of revision. It was going fairly well, until the day I arrived back to Nottingham, opened my bedroom door, and saw that it was flooded. Oops. I could go on and on about the problems this has caused, but I won't moan! The exams went pretty well until the last one which I am pretty confident will be my lowest exam result to date. My incredibly selective revision technique is always a bit of a gamble that does seem to come back and fuck me over from time to time, which is understandable.

Anyway, I am now finished! Sweet. I am going to try and play as much poker as I can the next fortnight or so, but with no desk space because of the flood, and some social stuff to catch up on, the poker may not start fully until February, which I hope to be a month of really good volume.

GL to anybody still doing exams.

Bye all!