Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hey guys, just finished another frustrating session. I finished January like £500 up but seem to have gone on a £400 downswing in February which is slightly annoying.

Tonight it is pretty funny how many tournaments I busted with AK. Honestly, 5 or 6 of them were with AK losing to pocket pairs or to AJ. I guess I could shrug this off and say it is just variance biting me, but I am just going to check and go over a few of these AK hands and make sure that I'm not being overly-aggro with the hand.

I did manage a cash for $89 in the $11r on bwin but I actually bought in for my highest amount ($71) as I was getting pretty cold decked in the first hour, so it is a rather meaningless result!

On the brighter side, Ben kindly offered me a stake for the $215 Sunday 4Million tonight and I jumped at the chance. I felt I played pretty solid poker and I was making as many notes as I could on my table-mates. Unfortunately I lost half my stack with AK (lol) and then when I was down to ~12BBs I woke up with KQ in the small blind, only to run into AT in the big blind. GG. I am going to go over the AK hand from this tournament also as I believe I may have made an incorrect play somewhere. Anyway, I loved the tournament, so ty Ben!

So it seems I am on a downswing in poker, but on roulette I am on a severe upswing. I have ended up in the casino a few times the past week for various reasons (nearly always drunk) and have found myself winning time and time again. I am going to put this money towards a holiday, but I have also put $60 towards a 1% share in Ben in his massive Sunday session tonight. Currently it looks like he could go deep in the $55 on stars, among other things. GL!

Went to Manchester last night for a mates birthday and although I am not a massive fan of the city, I did manage to have a pretty fun night. TY Jack!

Currently planning when to have my next session this week. Will post again then! C ya!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Frustrating times..

Played sessions for 3 days on the bounce now and I have gone nowhere but backwards. It is really frustrating me because I am working hard on my game on 2+2 and have been putting in all my concentration in all my sessions. Last night I got coolered deep in a $11 on bwin to come 14th and got another min cash, whereas tonight I booted up a bunch of tournaments and honestly believe I didn't win a hand where it was all in pre flop. Brutal. Didn't cash in any.

I am still in profit for Jan+Feb combined for £216, but I feel the level of volume and effort I am putting in may deserve a bit more. But hey, we all know how poker works, and we all go through these tough times!

I keep wanting to play and work hard at my game because I KNOW that there is a sick heater for me round the corner somewhere and possibly my first 1st place finish? We shall see. Just got to keep working at it.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

21st Birthday.

Hey all, since my last post I have played a number of sessions. Unfortunately they haven't been going too great, with a fair bit of run bad being chucked in there. Infact, ten minutes ago I just busted my last tournament of the night in 51st with AA losing to 56 on a 952 flop when 50 cashed. Oh well, standard?

So that has kind of summed of February for me so far. I did make one final table in the early hours of my birthday but only managed to get a 7th for €150 or something, I can't quite remember. Then it was the day of my 21st (vegas?!) which was a nice day, although the real celebrations were last night as a bunch of my mates from home came up and we had a pretty sick day and night out. Good times.

As is standard for these situations, we found ourselves stumbling into a casino at 3am and I sat down with £20 on the roulette table. After 10 minutes of chucking chips around I find myself walking out with £206. That was the bday run good I was waiting for!

I actually have a really expensive month coming up with many birthdays and nights out planned so this money will be pretty useful..

Poker-wise I feel my game is pretty sharp at the moment, I just havent been able to hit that huge score this month. Still, there is a while yet to go of February and I hope to make the most of it. My next session will be tomorrow (Sunday) night and I can feel a big 4 figure score coming in. One time!

Off to watch a film now. see ya..

Monday, 1 February 2010

January Review

Hey all! Not posted for some time now, my last post highlighted how my exams had finished and how I was planning to get some volume in for January. Unfortunately life went even more mental after exams with me having a lot on my plate with househunting and a flooded room. On Friday the room was finally sorted which made me pretty happy because I now have a desk/bed/carpet etc. And we signed for a contract for our new house on Friday also. That meant I could grind on Saturday and Sunday for a big push to get some volume in for January.

Saturday started off really poorly, I think I made a couple of poor decisions initially and this could be down to the break from the game. I got a $200ish cash towards the end of the night to make it only a £40 loss. Sunday also got off to a bad start, and I found myself one-tabling sooner than I would have liked. Fortunately I was nicely placed in the €22 deepstack and I managed to convert it into a 2nd place and €810.

Still though, I was annoyed. If you don't like reading bad beat stuff then you can just stop the next bit..


I came 2nd once again after a brutal bit of run bad! I now have sooo many final table finishes and not one 1st. I havent won a heads up battle for so long and maybe this will explain it..

Heads up:
Hero (BB) - 450,000
Villain - 600,000

Villain raises. Hero 3bets AQs. Villain Shoves. Hero Calls.

Villain shows AJ. Board Jxxxx. GG.

Also earlier on, with 6 left, I raise AA, get shoved over, I call, he shows 66, board = xxxx6. Fun times. Luckily the structure was good so I could get back in it by winning loads without showdown.

It is really pissing me off that I can't actually win a tournament. If I converted just a couple of my 4ths/3rds/2nds into 1sts then I would be £1000s richer. fml.


Anyway, January was a terrible month for volume but not a bad month for results:

Tournaments Played - 23
Profit - £504.24

Total Results:
Total Profit - £1803.73
ROI - 40.44%

I won't be seeing that profit for now as me and Ben have decided to merge January and February together as a 'single month' as January had such little volume.

I am hoping to put a fair bit of volume in for February so wish me luck!

Congrats to Breesy who got his biggest ever cash last night for about £1100. He is crushing atm and he fully deserves it. I reckon you should check out his blog which you can find on the right -->

Bye all!!