Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A good night!

Hey guys, since that last post about the big Sunday session I have had little time to play. Unfortunately I lost quite a bit on that evening so I have been desperate to try and recoup those losses, but last week was my first week back at uni and I ended up going out quite a bit, and when I wasn't going out, I was preparing for an important interview for a graduate job next year.

Anyway, I managed to play a big session tonight as it was the end of the month and I was determined to get some profit. I started the night about $200 in makeup but ended up about $300 OUT of makeup as I had a really sick night on the 90s. I regged for loads and loads and ended up with

2 $6 1st places
1 $3 1st place
1 $12 3rd place
1 $6 2nd place
1 $6 7th place

So I ended up winning about $500 on the night taking me nicely out of makeup. Ben then came online and we sorted out the accounts and I got my profit for the month, which is always nice.

We have now reset the account, with me starting up again with $400. This month I will be trying out SNGWiz and also the $26 90mans, which should be fun! Hopefully I get a good run together when I play those and can rake in a lot of $$$.

We shall see!



Sunday, 19 September 2010

Big Sunday!

Hey guys!

Since my last post, Ben and I decided to split the current profits I had, and then restart from $200 again on full tilt. After running pretty well at the 90mans, I got that back up to about $330, while busting a few of the miniftops I had played.

Today was the big day though, as there were 3 ftops events, (including the main event), and the opening GSOP on bwin.

I will breakdown how I did in each

- $24 6max KO

Got off to a good start in this but then lost AK to AA aipf to cripple me, before losing 88 to KJ to bust.

- $22 Deepstack

Did terribly in this. Got nothing going.

- $22 Rush Rebuy!!

I loved this tournament. It was so fun. Unfortunately I was in for $100 at the end of the rebuy period, but I had a good stack of around 15000. I soon worked this up to about 35k after making a hero call :). I was happy to make a hero call and stick with my gut as sometimes I can get intimidated in these big fields.
Anyway, I soon lost with 78 on a AA77 board to AQ and then ran 55 into QQ just short of the money.

- $75 main event

aggro spewtard decides to 3bet and 5bet me with AK preflop. I get it in with QQ. gg me.

I really enjoyed tonight though. I learnt a load and loved the challenge. Its just a shame I couldn't take that $20r run a bit further.

Ah well.

Back in Notts now, and this week there are more GSOP events for me to play. I guess they will be pretty soft, so lets hope a FT comes my way.

C ya.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Putting distance between myself and makeup?

Hey guys,

My last post highlighted how I was just out of makeup. Since then I have put in a few nights of volume and I have won about £150. I feel like it could have been more as I have got two 3rds in the $12 90s but meh, I won't moan.

Things are going well. I am back watching loads of pokersavvy videos, and I seem to learn a lot from these.

In two days I go to Prague for a few days, which should be sick. I will have one more session tomorrow evening, but then it will be no poker till after Prague, but I will have something to look forward to as it is miniFTOPS time! I will be playing a few events ranging from $20-$75 buyins, and I really hope I can put together a deep run and maybe bink one?

Following the miniftops is the GSOP on ongame, which I should be playing as well, and I've got a feeling I will be majorly +EV in that, so it would be stupid not to play.

Seeing as I am feeling confident about my game at the moment, I have decided to set myself a nice realistic aim for before I get back to uni.


- Win the miniFTOPS main event for six figures.

I will be disappointed if I fail in this aim.

Gl at the tables all!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

First Post in Ages!

Hey guys, it's been ages!

My last post was back in July saying how I had got out of makeup. Unfortunately following that I went on like a £500 downswing and was about £450 in makeup or something, which made me fairly pissed as I had just gotten out. There was also no time to get out of it as I had to work at the Shrewsbury Flower Show for four and a bit weeks. This is a really intense job, where I wake at 6am and get home at 8pm, have some food, shower, and go to bed. AND ITS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

It's obviously pretty mental, but the money is good and the people I work with are a laugh, so I do enjoy it.

I finished that about a week ago and came back ready to play poker, unfortunately I got off to a bad start getting another £150 or so deep in makeup, putting me around £600 deep. Ah well. After that bad start I had to do a few jobs, and some personal family stuff came up that meant I couldn't play much poker :(

The good news? I did get back on it a few days ago and its gone really well! Won about £750 the last two sessions and am out of makeup again with about 2 and a half weeks of grinding time ahead of me. A few days of that I will be in Prague with a mate (sweet), so that leaves about a fortnight of solid grinding.

Now I am out of makeup I hope I finally get a long run together and rake in some serious ££££. I always have downswings at the wrong times it seems.

I rushed this post a little, so I apoligise, but I will be posting more in the next few days.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Out of Makeup!

Yay, I am out of makeup! The 90 man KO's are going brilliant lately, and I feel really +EV in them. By putting in a lot of volume it means I am really playing the bubbles well and playing with aggression due to the fact that I am not scared/nervous about not making the FT.

I play a few tournaments in the evening alongside the 90 mans, and one that I normally try out is the $1r. It's quite a fun tournament that I have min cashed a few times. Anyway last night I came 4th for $811, sweet. I definately made mistakes on the bubble and I think it's because I have been getting unlucky on FT bubbles in the big mtts lately, and there may have been a few nerves. If I played the bubble like I do in the 90 mans, maybe I could have gone onto the FT larger stacked! But I will check over the hand histories lately and make sure I spot the leaks.

So yeh, I'm out of makeup! Sweet. I am going to earn a lot this Summer :)

GL All!

Saturday, 26 June 2010


So I have been putting in some extreme volume lately. I play a load of the 90 man turbos everyday and mix in a few mtts if the 90 mans arent loading quickly.

Initially I turned my initial $600 deposit on full tilt up to $900 but then downswinged very hard and very quick and found myself with just $50 left in a flash. This put me over £1100 in makeup and I was really down about poker.

Over Skype, me and Ben had a long discussion going over my hand histories and it was really beneficial and we ironed out some leaks. Following this I went on a bit of an extreme heater, winning a bunch of the 90 mans and that $50 is now nearly $1200 and I am only £350 away from getting out of makeup!

The story of today though, is that I entered a $24 Knock-Out tournament and after running pretty good to start with I was freerolling off the bounties I had won. I ended up final tabling the 1200 field and felt good about my chances at taking the $5000. But alas, I made a squeeze with ATo and busted 9th for $360. Sigh.

Anyway, I am loving poker atm and am happily grinding every day. I can't wait to get out of makeup and start earning $$$$!!

GL all!


Monday, 14 June 2010

Exams/Construction/Final Tables/Full Tilt

Wow, I just checked when I last updated this and it was two months ago, oops.

Back then I was sitting pretty deep in make-up as I was heading into exams, and things were looking pretty grim. Right now things are a lot better and I will be out of make-up in no time (hopefully).

My exams? They went averagely. I worked less than I normally do and I found myself coming out of exams knowing that they would bring my average down, which is something I obviously wanted to avoid in my penultimate year.

Once they finished I had a crazy few nights going out, one in particular was absolutely mental, so that was a fun blow out. Then I got back into the euro mtt grinding and that started promisingly when I got a final table in my first session, but typically, I lost a race and came 7th. Fine. I hit two more final tables that week and got two 8ths. When will I win a tournament huh? I guess it's time to face facts and admit I might be a terrible final table player.

A few days before he headed to Vegas, I had a chat with Ben about the summer and he decided to get me started on full tilt where I could grind the 90 man knockouts on there. I only had a day to play there before I went on a construction course but it was a great day where I crushed for a nice little profit that got me started on my quest to get out of make-up. It will hopefully get me a lot better at final table play as well.

The construction course was 6 days long and was the most intense week of my life. I was waking up at 6am every day and working on site until 6pm. We then ate till 7pm and we were expected to get showered and be ready for time in the offices at 8pm where we would have reporting sessions until 10.30pm. Diaries then had to be written before we got to sleep at about midnight. Fortunately I actually loved the work. I was part of a group of 15 that started with nothing but drawings on Sunday, but ended on Friday with a picture of us all fistpumping as we stood on this cable-stayed bridge we had constructed. Sick. Maybe I do like my course after all?

I then hit Dusk till Dawn the day after for a £25 deepstack that was paused for the England game. It was a great atmosphere all day and I was in there for 15 hours before leaving with exactly what I started with in my wallet, not bad I suppose! A couple of my mates final tabled a side event so they were super pumped. Congrats.

Soon after that I was right back onto full tilt, and I plan to be grinding that pretty heavily now all Summer. I reckon with good volume I will get myself quickly out of makeup and then I can start rolling in the $$$. Here is to a good summer!

C ya

(Oh and WTF England?!)