Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A good night!

Hey guys, since that last post about the big Sunday session I have had little time to play. Unfortunately I lost quite a bit on that evening so I have been desperate to try and recoup those losses, but last week was my first week back at uni and I ended up going out quite a bit, and when I wasn't going out, I was preparing for an important interview for a graduate job next year.

Anyway, I managed to play a big session tonight as it was the end of the month and I was determined to get some profit. I started the night about $200 in makeup but ended up about $300 OUT of makeup as I had a really sick night on the 90s. I regged for loads and loads and ended up with

2 $6 1st places
1 $3 1st place
1 $12 3rd place
1 $6 2nd place
1 $6 7th place

So I ended up winning about $500 on the night taking me nicely out of makeup. Ben then came online and we sorted out the accounts and I got my profit for the month, which is always nice.

We have now reset the account, with me starting up again with $400. This month I will be trying out SNGWiz and also the $26 90mans, which should be fun! Hopefully I get a good run together when I play those and can rake in a lot of $$$.

We shall see!




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swapna reddy said...

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