Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Putting distance between myself and makeup?

Hey guys,

My last post highlighted how I was just out of makeup. Since then I have put in a few nights of volume and I have won about £150. I feel like it could have been more as I have got two 3rds in the $12 90s but meh, I won't moan.

Things are going well. I am back watching loads of pokersavvy videos, and I seem to learn a lot from these.

In two days I go to Prague for a few days, which should be sick. I will have one more session tomorrow evening, but then it will be no poker till after Prague, but I will have something to look forward to as it is miniFTOPS time! I will be playing a few events ranging from $20-$75 buyins, and I really hope I can put together a deep run and maybe bink one?

Following the miniftops is the GSOP on ongame, which I should be playing as well, and I've got a feeling I will be majorly +EV in that, so it would be stupid not to play.

Seeing as I am feeling confident about my game at the moment, I have decided to set myself a nice realistic aim for before I get back to uni.


- Win the miniFTOPS main event for six figures.

I will be disappointed if I fail in this aim.

Gl at the tables all!

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