Tuesday, 31 August 2010

First Post in Ages!

Hey guys, it's been ages!

My last post was back in July saying how I had got out of makeup. Unfortunately following that I went on like a £500 downswing and was about £450 in makeup or something, which made me fairly pissed as I had just gotten out. There was also no time to get out of it as I had to work at the Shrewsbury Flower Show for four and a bit weeks. This is a really intense job, where I wake at 6am and get home at 8pm, have some food, shower, and go to bed. AND ITS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

It's obviously pretty mental, but the money is good and the people I work with are a laugh, so I do enjoy it.

I finished that about a week ago and came back ready to play poker, unfortunately I got off to a bad start getting another £150 or so deep in makeup, putting me around £600 deep. Ah well. After that bad start I had to do a few jobs, and some personal family stuff came up that meant I couldn't play much poker :(

The good news? I did get back on it a few days ago and its gone really well! Won about £750 the last two sessions and am out of makeup again with about 2 and a half weeks of grinding time ahead of me. A few days of that I will be in Prague with a mate (sweet), so that leaves about a fortnight of solid grinding.

Now I am out of makeup I hope I finally get a long run together and rake in some serious ££££. I always have downswings at the wrong times it seems.

I rushed this post a little, so I apoligise, but I will be posting more in the next few days.


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