Monday, 30 November 2009

End of November - Summary

So November has come to a close for me as I won't be playing this evening due to coursework commitments. Lets wrap it up!

DTD - My aim at the start of the month was to completely avoid DTD as I seem to burn money there and it doesnt seem like a sensible idea for me to go there when I could be putting in a good amount of hours online. When I start to get more free time and have a bit more £ then I will start going there again. But for November I planned not to, and I stuck to this target and passed it. Sweet.

Volume - I wanted to put in the same amount of volume in November as I did in October. Unfortunately I had twice as much coursework and other things on my mind which meant the volume dropped in the middle of the month but I did pick it up in the last week to come close enough to passing this target.

Results - A pretty poor month results wise. I came 7th-20th in all my deep runs meaning that I ended up losing pretty heavily. We all know the money is in the top few spots so it sucks not hitting these once this month, but I can't complain after my last two months of profit :). Here is the breakdown:

Tournaments Played (November) = 63
Profit (November) = -£479.44

Profit (Overall) = £735.05
ROI (Overall) = 22.25%

Breesy - Finally got him back in the game this month. Good thing I did! He deposited £300 and on his first night of getting back into it, he took down a $5 mtt for $1525. Deserved it after his many final table bubbles in these big fields. On the plus side for me, I seem to view him as a some competition as he plays similar stakes to me. The competition is healthy and can only benefit my game as I look to push on.

Hand Histories - This month I have been consistently going over hands after sessions and posting on 2p2 etc. Its a great way to improve your game and I advise it to all. Check out the 'Smokin Hot Girls' thread in Student Life for a break as well ;)

Other Stuff - Think I am through the worst of it when it comes to coursework now (for this term anyway), so that means I can start enjoying myself a bit more. I have my final appointment (I hope) with the hospital tomorrow about my knee, I really hope I don't have to have surgery. Funnily enough I was actually wincing in pain on Friday night on the Ocean dancefloor because it was starting to play up, I truly felt like an old man right then! Oh and I have developed a passion for everything on the National Lottery website today as I got a £20 bonus. Pretty crazy how bad I run on 'Plucking Ducks' :P

December Targets - I really want to put in my highest ever month volume wise next month and I think it is achievable once I get back to Newport. Being in make up isn't the best way to start a month but hopefully that changes sharpish. I have really developed my attitude for the game and I have completely eliminated tilt and anger from my play. This is a massive positive as it means I am going into December with a clear head, ready to play the best poker I can and make the right decisions.

Wish me luck, peace.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

End of the month run good?

Hey all, long time since my last update. Been super busy with coursework lately, probably the most busy I have ever been so far at uni. Understandably the amount of volume has dropped but the past few nights I have put in some volume with varying results. On Tuesday I went 0/7 in what ended up being a short session filled with run bad. However tonight went slightly better. I entered 5 tournaments and managed to cash in one for a measly $11.73, and final table the €27.50 on DTD. I came into the final table pretty short and ended up walking away with €160 for 7th. Funnily enough this was my first final table of November. It has been a pretty poor month really!

Maybe that final table was the sign for my run good at the end of the month. I don't have many days left to turn around my £400 deficit for the month, but in both October and September I was heavily down before my last sessions of the month and ended up winning nicely. Hopefully the same is true for November!

My life has been pretty uneventful lately. Chilling with housemates, doing cwrk, playing poker when I get the time. Fortunately I hand in some courseworks tomorrow so a night out in Ocean should be a pretty good way to celebrate the end of a tough week.

Will post again on 30th Nov/1st Dec to go over my results for the month and whether I passed my targets or not...

Wish me luck, bye all!

Monday, 16 November 2009

A weekend full of volume..

This weekend I put in a fair bit of volume to catch up on some missed nights previously. Unfortunately the increased volume did not result in increased profits. I actually only cashed 3 times in all the tournaments I played. Two were FT bubbles while the other was a measly min cash.

Felt I played pretty well though, I just had the uglier side of variance accompanying me. It seems I start every month losing pretty drastically...I am wondering if there is any reason behind that or if it is just a coincedence?! Hopefully I stick to form and pull out a sick result in the second half of the month!

I am really enjoying poker atm and this has resulted in me posting more and more on 2+2 and I feel like this is benefiting my game massively. I also sweated Breesy today as he got deep in a $11 f/o on stars. Unfortunately the standard cooler came that busted him a couple of tables shy of the FT.

Off to York tomorrow to see a mate, hopefully will be worth it. Next session probably Wednesday or Thursday.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Slow Start to November..

Pretty slow start to November it seems. My volume isn't where it should be and there are no profits to speak of. Why is this?

Lately I have had bucket loads of coursework and its taking up a lot of my time in the evenings meaning my level of volume has suffered. I normally finish my coursework late in the evening and there are no tournaments left to play. I have found myself filling a lot of spare time with reading 2+2 and commenting on hands as this is a way to keep my poker mind working.

The volume I have put in has been relatively unsuccessful. I have played 20 tournaments this month now with a few cashes but no final tables. The $22 6max on bwin I consistently cash in but NEVER final table. I must be due a massive score in that! I feel my play is a lot better than it was two months ago, and shove/fold decisions preflop are becoming more automatic.

This weekend I hope to put in a good amount of volume as none of my housemates will be here. Lets hope I run good and get myself into positive figures for the month!

Bye all!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Up and down night!

The other night I played a big session and failed to cash in any tournaments, putting me 0/11 in November. Tonight I booted up two tournaments as I finished my coursework late, but just two tabling seemed to work out. I ran well, and managed to find myself in the money in both of them. The tournaments were the $22 6max on bwin and the €27.50 on DTD.

Just when I was thinking it was possible I could final table 2 out of 2 tournaments on the same night, disaster struck. With 11 left, the final table bubble on DTD, I shoved AKss into 99 and missed to bust. Then with the tournament chip lead with 22 left in the $22 on bwin, I found myself all in with KK against AA preflop, missed, then bust the next hand with KQss on a J53sss flop when the Jc fell on the river to give the villain a boat with his 55. Oops. That all happened within 2 minutes of each other! (I hope this doesnt come across bad beaty, I just thought it was pretty interesting how quickly things can change/end!)

One thing the past few months have taught me is not to tilt. I have played without tilt on all occasions and this can only benefit my play. I played really well tonight, and ran well also, a pretty good combination! If that continues for the rest of November, I can expect big wins!

Hoping Akenhead or Ivey win the FT this weekend! Can't wait to watch the action on pokertube on Wednesday!

Bye all!

Monday, 2 November 2009

November Start..

Just a quick update from me. Only played 5 tournaments the past two days, with no cashes to show for my efforts! Unfortunately courseworks just keep piling up, meaning volume is a struggle. However, I aim to continue the same level of volume as I kept up in October and I think this is achievable.

The five tournaments I played were pretty uneventful, couldn't get anything going in them apart from one where I managed to bubble, oops.

Anyway, back to the coursework for me!

Bye all!